Why sell back your books through Pawn Plus?

Earn cash for your used textbooks you don’t need anymore.
Payment by CASH! Just come to our convenient location.

When is the best time to sell used textbooks back to Pawn Plus?

Pawn Plus buys back used textbooks throughout the year.  Typically most Students sell their college
textbooks through early August and September and then again at the end of December and April

How much will I receive for selling my college textbooks?

How much you get back when you sell your textbooks relies on demand and whether the book is in use
again at any school in North America.  It is best to try to sell them back as soon as possible in the season
before classes begin.

What types of textbooks will Pawn Plus buyback?

Pawn Plus will buy back new and used college textbooks, instructors’ and teachers’ editions as well as
International editions.

What kind of condition can my textbooks be in?

Used textbooks must be in good condition.  Your textbook can contain highlighting, notes, and marking.
However, it must have a good cover with no torn or missing pages.

Are there textbooks Pawn Plus will not buy?

Pawn Plus will not buy library books or custom editions at this time. If your textbook has your university
name printed on it, then it is a school-specific textbook that cannot be sold back.