Pawn Plus is STILL Open and making Loans. Just because Others have Closed DOESN't mean we are. Stop In TODAY.

Items We Buy

Selling Your Item

There is really no limit to the types of items you can sell to Pawn Plus. To receive the largest amount of CASH your item needs to be clean, fully functional and have Value.


The possibilities of what you can Sell to Pawn Plus is virtually limitless. Pawn Plus likes to purchase items of quality and those in demand by Our customers.

To receive the greatest value your item should be clean, ready for the retail floor, fully functional with no issues and of course it has to have value. Our definition of Value is this item stand a fairly good chance of selling in less than 90 days at a reasonable profit. That is not to say we will not purchase items we feel have lessor value, however we will make Our offer accordingly.


Selling can be FUN here's how to go about it.
  1. Select the items you would like to Sell and bring them into the store located at 324 West Jackson St. in Macomb, Illinois.

  2. Our Team Member will asked you how much you are looking for out of your item then the team member will evaluate your item to determine if we are interested in your item at the price you are asking. The amount we pay you for your item base on  your item will be based on your item's condition and age along with how much of a demand there is in the used retail market for your item.

  3. If you don't have a price Pawn Plus will make a fair offer based upon the item and the market. We have to still make a profit to keep the doors open.

  4. Once the amount is agreed to you will need to provide the team member with your current state issued ID. They will enter your information into our computer system.

  5. An agreement will be printed out for you to sign. Once signed you will receive your cash.


The entire process is fast, convenient, and most importantly confidential.


Gold Jewelry - Coins - Bullion

Condition Doesn't matter

Gold in whatever form can be sold to Pawn Plus for CASH. With the current gold prices the amount you receive might just surprise you. Silver and Gold coins also have value.

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Video Games & Systems

PS5 - Xbox Series X - PS4 - Xbox One and Vintage

Video games and systems are in very high demand right now. From the vintage to the newest Pawn Plus wants to purchase your video games and systems

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Tv's - Laptops - Tablets & So Much More

Pawn Plus is always paying CASH for newer electronics

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Musical Instruments

Guitars - Keyboards - Trumpets - And More

Pawn Plus is always paying top price for High Quality Musical instruments

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Tools - Power - Air - Hand

Clean tools are in High Demand

Pawn Plus is always in the Market for good, clean, well cared for tools.

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Lawn and Garden Tools

Tools from Spring - Summer - WInter - Fall

Pawn Plus is always paying Cash for top quality Lawn and Garden tools for every season

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Sporting Equipment

Hunting - Fishing - Sporting

Pawn Plus is always paying Cash for quality sporting goods

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