Pawn Plus is STILL Open and making Loans. Just because Others have Closed DOESN't mean we are. Stop In TODAY.


Pawning Your Item  

A pawn is simply another word for a loan. If you want your item back you definitely want to do a pawn.


The pawn process is simple and allows you to use an item or items you own to secure a CASH loan. Your items are safely held by Us, the Pawnbroker as collateral to secure the monies you are borrowing. 


  1. Select the items you would like to borrow against and bring them into the store located at 324 West Jackson St. in Macomb, Illinois.

  2. One of Our Friendly team members will work with you. First they will find out the amount you need to borrow to cover your situation.

  3. Next Our team member will evaluate the items you have brought in to determine what the actual used selling value is and then work with you to loan you as much as we can based on the used value of your items. The value of your items may be more than you need to borrow and that's OK. You never have to borrow more than you need but we want to make sure we do our best to cover your needs.

  4. Once the amount is agreed to you will need to provide the team member with your valid state issued ID.

  5. They will enter your information into our computer system and then enter the information about the item or items you are pledging as collateral for your pawn loan.

  6. All of this will be printed out on a simple contract that the team member will go over with you.

  7. Once the team member has explained the terms to you and answered any questions you may have they will asked you to sign the form and provide you with an exact copy.

  8. This copy is what is called a pawn ticket. You will need to bring this pawn ticket with you when you make your payment to renew your loan or when you wish pay off your loan and pick up your item.

  9. Once you have your signed pawn ticket the team member will hand you the proceeds of your pawn loan to you in cash.

  10. The entire process is fast, convenient, and most importantly confidential.

  11. Pawn Plus complies with all of the United States Privacy laws and the laws of the State of Illinois. Pawn Plus will never rent or sell your information to anyone.

  12. Your transaction is a private transaction between you and Pawn Plus, Inc. Check out our Privacy Policy.

Loans over $5000 ONLY 3% per month 36% APR (see store for details) 

Items You Can Pawn

The list of items Pawn Plus will take to secure your loan is almost endless. Pawn Plus will take most items of value. If we can determine that your item has a resale value we can use it as collateral.


We  accept items such as: Gold, Silver and Platinum Jewelry, Diamond, precious and semi precious stones; fine watches such as Rolex, Movado, Tag Huer, along with many name brands like Seiko, Bulova, Fossil and Citizens;  Musical instruments such as Electric and Acoustic Guitars, banjos, trumpets, trombones, flutes, saxophones, clarinets, cymbals, drums, wind instruments, brass instruments and string instruments; US coins both gold and silver, proof sets, mint sets and full collections; Gold and Silver bullion; Video games and systems; Electronics of all kinds, Flat screen TVs, Desktop computer systems, Laptops, Ipods and Ipads, Tablets, Stereo Systems, Digital Cameras, GPS systems, Radar Detectors, VCRs, DVD and Blue Ray players; Lawn mowers; Chainsaws; Ladders; Hedge clippers; Air conditioners; Refrigerators; Name brand tools and so much more. If in doubt bring your item in and let us take a look.