Pawn Plus is STILL Open and making Loans. Just because Others have Closed DOESN't mean we are. Stop In TODAY.

Greg McCullough

Assistant Manager

Greg is the son of the owners but that hasn’t helped him, he has had to earn his position and probably had a harder time than if he wasn’t the Boss’s kid.


Greg started working for Pawn Plus while he was in High School and 13 years later he is still at it. While he started out at the bottom like everyone else he is now the Manger and handles everything but the books.


Greg works day to day with the customers at the counter. It doesn’t matter if they are in need of a loan, trying to sell something, buying something from the shop or just trying to get some answers Greg is there to help.


Greg has also become the one responsible for the Firearm department. If someone has a firearm they wish to do a loan on, one they wish to sell or just looking for information as to what they have Greg is the one we generally put them with. He doesn’t know it all but he is really good at find out what they need to know. He also handles all of the Firearm transfers, if you are buying one on line and need it transferred to you or you sold one and need it shipped out Greg can take care of it for you