If you aren’t in the market for that one of a kind piece, but have jewelry you can’t wear anymore bring it in to Pawn Plus where we can refurbish it to look like new again.
We offer the following services:
  • Ring sizing
  • Chain repairs
  • New shanks
  • Prongs and tips
  • Stone replacement

Most Repairs done in 2 to 3 days

Why wait weeks when you can have it done in days?


Jewelry repairs don’t have to break the bank.


Examples of basic repairs:
4mm gold ring size up $35 first size $15 each additional size – Sizing down $25
Solder a Break in the Shank $20 this includes refinishing your ring

Jewelry Repairs Done Right

At Pawn Plus we take pride in doing the repairs to your Jewelry very seriously. We will NOT take shortcuts. When we size your ring up we precisely cut your ring to allow room for the additional metal we are adding. With great precision we accurately cut the amount of metal needed to give you that perfect fit. Our Jeweler then carefully welds the seams of the sizing joint, with gold solder, to add the metal and maintain the strength and integrity to your ring. Once the ring is cooled the sizing seams are filed flush, sanded smooth and then the entire ring is highly polished to give it a mirror finish. When the job is complete you won’t be able to see the work and your ring will be the same width and thickness as it started. Our process is more time consuming and requires more skill but it is the ONLY way to do the job right and maintain the quality of your ring.