Pawn Plus is STILL Open and making Loans. Just because Others have Closed DOESN't mean we are. Stop In TODAY.

Selling your Firearms

Pawn Plus is always buying firearms it maybe a firearm you no longer want or need. Pawn Plus also works with estates to turn firearms into cash for the heirs while making sure all Federal and State laws are followed. This way there is no liability on the Estate for background checks.


When you ready to sell just bring your firearm into Pawn Plus along with your State issued ID. If you are an IL resident you will also need your FOID card. (If you don't have one PLEASE call for instructions before bringing in your firearms)


Be sure ALL firearms are unloaded and cased before bringing them in. This is for your safety and ours, it is also the LAW when transporting in IL. Please do NOT bring in any firearm that is not unloaded and cased.


One of our staff will determine the used value of your firearms and make you a CASH offer based on the current market. Pawn Plus always pays a fair price while leaving just enough profit to keep the lights on.


The process is simple. Accept our offer, hand us your ID, we enter the information from your ID in our computer system, then we enter the information about your firearms. Once this is all done we print out a simple page for you to sign that says you are legally able to sell to us. Once you sign the form we hand you your cash and hopefully we part friends.