Pawn Plus is STILL Open and making Loans. Just because Others have Closed DOESN't mean we are. Stop In TODAY.

Pawns (Loans) on Firearms

When you find yourself in need of CASH and you own firearms you are in great shape your firearms can be used for collateral for a Pawn.


The process is simple:

Bring your firearm into Pawn Plus. Be sure ALL firearms are Unloaded and cased before bringing them in. This is for your Safety and Ours, it is also the LAW when transporting in IL. Please do NOT bring in any firearm that is not unloaded and cased.


Once you present your firearm to a member of our staff they will ask you the amount of money you are needing. They will then evaluate your firearm for condition and check against the used firearm market to get an idea of the used retail value of your Firearm. With this information they will be able toc work with you to get you the maximum loan for your firearm. Many times the Maximum maybe more than you need and that's OK. You ONLY need to borrow what you need.


When an amount is agreed to we’ll take your ID fill out a simple loan contract that you will sign and you will have your money in a few minutes.


Your Pawn will be for 30 days and within that 30 days you may come back with your Pawn Ticket and renew your loan for another 30 days by simply paying the finance charges and signing a new Pawn ticket.


You also can pay off your Loan and redeem your firearms. In IL you will need to pay the amount borrowed and all finance charges due. Then you will fill out a 4473 Federal Background check form (Don't forget to bring in your FOID card) so we can legally transfer your firearm back to you.


Once this form is completed the information will be electronically transmitted to the IL State Police for a Federal Background Check. You may get an instant approval or you may get a delay. A delay simply means the system couldn't automatically handle the request so it will be done manually and can take from a few hours to several days.
If you received an Instant approval you will be able to take possession of your firearm in 72 hours if you get a delay you can take possession once you get an approval as long as the 72 hour minimum has been met.