Firearms have played an important part in American History. At Pawn Plus we acknowledge the role Firearms have played in our Freedom and we don’t take that lightly.

Pawn Plus is a Federal Firearm License Dealer so we are now able to loan you money on your firearms. If you prefer to sell Pawn Plus is actively purchasing all types of firearms.

All Illinois residents bringing in a firearm MUST have in their possession a valid Illinois FOID card.  All firearms must be unloaded and in a case. Please do NOT bring in any firearm that does not meet these conditions. This is for your safety and ours.

When your firearm comes in we will work with you to determine the amount you are able to borrow on it. When an amount is agreed to we’ll fill out a simple loan contract that you will sign and you will have your money in a few minutes. When you return to pay off your loan you will need your pawn ticket, your ID and your Illinois FOID card. When your loan has been paid in full you will then fill out a form 4473 to allow for a background check. Once approved you will need to wait 24 hours to pick up a long gun and 72 hours to pick up a handgun. This waiting period is required by state law.

Need a FOID card?

Apply HERE

What we Carry

Pawn Plus carries both New and Used Firearms and the selection is always changing.

Hunting Rifles while not real popular in Illinois, do come through the door and most times we have a fair selection.
Shotguns are available in 410, 20 gauge and 12 gauge. On occasion, we will acquire other calibers.
Semi Automatic Rifles have been around for many years and have become very popular. While many stiles have been given some bad press we believe if you are qualified and approved with a Federal Background check you should be able to purchase these.

We carry handguns from 22 caliber up to 357 and beyond. With Conceal carry now in IL we have several smaller Semi-Automatics that work very well.


Reloading Supplies are our newest addition to our Firearms Department. We carry various powders, Primers wads and Bullets. Lead Shot is our next addition we hope to have in late spring to early summer 2018.

Firearm Transfers

We understand there are time we don’t have or can’t get the firearm  you like and you will buy from another dealer. This is when our Transfer Service comes in handy.
For ONLY $25 we will handle your firearm transfer. The process is simple. Have the seller contact us and we will send them a copy of our FFL. They will then ship the firearm to us and as soon as we get it logged into our Logbook we will contact you. Come in and fill out the 4473 Federal Background Check Paperwork. At this time the 24 hour hold for a long gun or the 72 hour hold for a handgun will start. Assuming you pass the background check and we have an approval to release the firearm, you can come back in after the hold period has expired.