Pawn Plus has been purchasing and loaning money on Coin in the Macomb area for over 15 years, long before “WE BUY GOLD” was the cool thing to do. We have stood the test of time by giving the most cash for coins, and giving the best deals when purchasing! Pawn Plus strives to put More Cash In Your Pocket!

Coins of Interest with Value


  • Silver coins pre 1964 dimes, quarters & halves.
  • US Silver dollars 1935 and older
  • Gold Coins Both US and Foreign
  • Proof sets & US Mint Sets
  • Full Collections

The value of your coins is based part on the precious metal market and for better & rarer coins our offers are based on the Numismatic  value.

Often times what appears to be an ordinary coin can be very valuable.

The worst part about coin values is that just because the coin is old does NOT make it valuable.

If you just want to know what you have or if you are in need of CASH bring your coins in and Pawn Plus will evaluate your coins and let you know what you have along with the values.