Pawn Plus is STILL Open and making Loans. Just because Others have Closed DOESN't mean we are. Stop In TODAY.

Gold Jewelry - Coins - Bullion

Condition Doesn't matter


For over 6000 years gold has been sought after and has always had GREAT value and today is no different. You may have a gold ring you no longer want or need just bring it in for a CASH offer.


Pawn Plus will buy your gold chain even if it is broken maybe you have lost an earring and are down to just one Pawn Plus will give you a CASH offer because it still has value.



As strange as it seems Pawn Plus will pay you CASH for Granpa's old gold teeth.


Gather up whatever you think is GOLD and bring it in today. Pawn Plus will sort thru

your items and seperate the gold from those that are not gold and make you an offer.



  Silver coins 1964 and before have value



  All gold coins US or Foregin have value