Scrap Gold is one of our most desired items. Gold hit an all-time high price a few years back and this is still a very good time to sell your broken, damaged or unwanted gold. Many gold buyers have closed up shop in this downward market but Pawn Plus is still buying gold. A small amount of scrap gold can return a large amount of cash.

The condition doesn’t matter to us. We take in gold every week in various forms. It may be a broken chain, a ring you no longer wear, a single gold earring or even Grandpa’s Gold Teeth.

We will pay you based on what your item is and what we can do with it. Often times your item is only worth the value of the gold or silver in your item. There are other times because of the nature of your item it can be worth many times more than the metal.

If your item is collectible, has historic significance or rapidly saleable our offer will reflect that.


US coins are another example of items often times worth far more than the value of the metal they are made of.                       



Even gold nuggets have more value than the metal.


The biggest surprise we see is when a customer brings in jewelry they purchased new and they learn what the item is really worth on the USED market.

When you buy a new piece of Jewelry from a retail Jeweler you are paying far more than the value of the item. You are paying first for the item but also for the overhead of the store, the advertising to get you into to buy, the manufacturing cost of the item and of course the profit the business selling it made. On the used market all of these are lost.

This is the reason you will not be able to receive anywhere near the amount you paid for the item new. It is also the reason you can buy a gently used item of Jewelry from Pawn Plus for a fraction of what you would pay for it at a Retail Jeweler’s.

If you want to get an idea of what your item is worth check out our cases and see what we are offering to sell like items for.

While checking our cases will give you an idea of value it will NOT be the amount we offer as we have to be able to refurbish the item and still make a profit to stay in business.