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What is Pawn Plus all about?

Pawn Plus, Inc is a locally owned Pawn Shop located in Macomb, IL. Pawn Plus specializes in making short term collateralized loans on most items of value. These loans are referred to as pawn loans.

If you should find yourself in need of cash Pawn Plus may very well be able to help you out. The process is very simple; select the items you would like to borrow against and bring them into the store located at 324 West Jackson St. in Macomb, Illinois. One of the team members of Pawn Plus will work with you to determine the maximum amount that you will be able to borrow on your items. Once the amount is agreed to you will need to provide the team member with your current state issued ID. They will enter your information into our computer system and then enter the information about the item or items you are pledging as collateral for your pawn loan.

All of this will be printed out on a simple contract that the associate will go over with you. Once the team member has explained the terms to you and answered any questions you may have they will asked you to sign the form and provide you with an exact copy. This copy is what is called a pawn ticket. You will need to bring this pawn ticket with you when you make your payment or when you wish to pick up your item.  Once you have your pawn ticket the team member will hand you the proceeds of your pawn loan to you in cash.
The entire process is fast, convenient, and most importantly confidential. Pawn Plus complies with all of the United States Privacy laws and the laws of the State of Illinois. Pawn Plus will never rent or sell your information to anyone. Your transaction is private transaction between you and Pawn Plus, Inc.